MidNite Solar MNKID-M-W

Midnite Solar
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MidNite Solar MNKID-M-W, 30A MPPT marine charge controller (white), for 12, 24, 36, 48V battery bank, with auto-gen start (AGS) and lighting controller

The MidNite Solar KID and Marine KID are very flexible medium sized 30 Amp Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers. Ideal for marine, RV, and cottage use, the KID allows for true input paralleling. As your power needs grow, add more modules to the array and a second KID. This will give twice the power from a single array.

The KID is certified to UL1741 and UL458 marine supplement; the KID meets very strict vibration, environment, and thermal requirements.

Included in the KID is an Automatic Generator Start (AGS) output that can drive a relay to start-stop a generator based on battery Voltage, and a 30 Amp load output that can be switched for lighting control. The latter allows for lights to switched on for a number of hours after dusk, and again before dawn. The solar array acts in effect as a giant photo-cell, telling the charge controller at what time the sun goes down and comes up. The load output of the KID can also be used to funnel excess solar power (after the batteries are full) to, for example, a heater. It can switch the load output in PWM-mode to channel an exact amount of excess PV power to a load, while keeping the batteries at absorb or float Voltage.

TWIN mode allows for two KIDs to be connected in parallel for both the solar PV inputs and the battery outputs, in effect creating a 60 Amp MPPT charge controller. SYNC mode allows stacking of multiple KIDs, each with their own solar PV array on their input, to be synchronized so they are in the same state (bulk – absorb – float – equalize charging) at the same time.

The KID can be combined with a MidNite Whizbang Jr. (on a shunt) to make for a very exact battery monitor, that counts Amp-hours going into and coming out of the battery bank. With a Whizbang Jr. the KID’s display will show the percentage State-Of-Charge (SOC) of the battery bank.


  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Up to 150V DC input Voltage
  • Sealed for harsh environments
  • No fans, for increased reliability
  • Includes AGS (Auto Generator Start)
  • Three LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
  • Certified to UL1741 and UL458 marine supplement
  • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery bank output supported
  • Lighting Controller: dusk-dawn, hourly, day, night settings
  • Up to 30 Amp load output with battery low-Voltage disconnect
  • HyperVOC extends the input voltage beyond 150 VOC for cold climates
  • True paralleling of the inputs and outputs of two KIDs for double the capacity
  • Includes wall mount adapter (Boat mount bracket included on marine versions)
  • NEMA-1 (indoor) environmental rating, conformal coated PCBs for harsh environmental conditions
  • Battery Temp Sensor (MNBTS) standard with marine version only, optional for the others
  • Front panel exchangeable fuses for battery, input and load/clipper.
  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
  • 5-year warranty