Why DIY Solar Panel Installations Are A Bad Idea!

Author: David McAleer |

Blog by Kilts & Cables Solar & Electrical

At a time when the world is waking up to the trend of harnessing sustainable renewable power, solar panels have never been more popular. Making their way into most eco-conscious homes, the solar, security and electrical industry seem to be rising in the growth chart. Thus these panels are now a fast-selling power source. 

With an increasing number of people opting for solar panels at home, solar panels have become readily available and can even be purchased online. This has led several people to try their hand at installing the panels without professional help. 

While a DIY installation may sound like a great idea, things can go wrong very quickly and become a life-threatening or expensive mistake to fix when it comes to solar panel installation. To help you steer clear of a tricky situation, our experts at Kilts & Cables Solar & Electrical have explained why DIY solar panel installations are a bad idea.

1. Safety hazards

As solar panels rely on sunlight to generate power, they have to be set up in open spaces. Invariably these spaces happen to be difficult to access areas of your house like terraces and rooftops. People run the risk of falling from a height during the installation process, thus causing more harm than good. On the other hand, a professional installer comes prepared with safety gear, including a harness and helmet, to avoid injuries. 

Also, as solar panels generate electricity, if it is not set up with utmost accuracy, there is a higher chance of causing electrical fires and in worst-case scenarios, even electrocution, damaging not only the equipment but also posing a danger to your life and those of your loved ones. 

2. Financial implications

Your chances of an incorrect installation are high with a DIY solar panel installation. This can damage the panels and wiring and there are several instances when DIYers have spent large amounts of money on replacing equipment and repairing damaged parts caused by these mistakes. 

Others have had to pay more in damages caused by short circuits, electrical fires, and in some cases, hospital bills. Fires caused due to wrong installations have often cost people a lot more than just their roofs. Water leaks are amongst the other common outcomes of these incorrect installations. 

If the batteries are installed and connected incorrectly, your home equipment also runs the risk of damage and catching fire, posing a hazard to your family’s health and safety. 

Moreover, installations that do not comply with the Canadian Electrical Code can be expensive to repair.

Do the right thing - Hire a professional

To make the fullest of your sustainable choices minus the stress of hazardous fires and equipment damage, it is advisable to hire a professional to install your solar panels. They will ensure that you have the best and safest set up at home in keeping with the Canadian Electrical Code. 

Canada requires you to be a licensed electrician and certified solar installer to do the job. Only a trained and skilled certified solar installer and journeyman electrician will be able to successfully install a solar panel without incurring any damages to the product as well as life. It is advised to hire an Alberta Master Electrician for the job.

With almost three decades of experience, the professionals at Kilts & Cables Solar & Electrical are well trained, experienced and possess skills that are up to date with technology. As leading residential and commercial electricians in Calgary, Alberta who carry out solar panel installation for your home or business.

We install your solar panels safely, quickly and without risk of damage to your property. The use of the best equipment on the market further ensures that we provide excellent services at a very fair and reasonable price.

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