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Solar Energy is becoming a mainstream source of Canada’s energy, solar is an abundant source of energy in our sunny Alberta climate, it is expected to be the worlds largest source of energy by 2050, and clean enough that it will ensure our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 1.5 Million tonnes each year, equivalent to 250,000 vehicles In Canada alone.

We usually think of Off-Grid systems when we hear of Solar, Off-Grid Solar allows us to generate our own power in remote or costly to service locations like our Rural Cabin, Tiny home, Farm building or Garden shed. Off-Grid allows us to take control and free ourselves from Utility bills, and requires battery storage. Batteries can be costly if you have high power usage in your City home, thankfully the Grid-Tied Solar application allows us to use the power grid like a battery, providing us with the energy that we need at night when the Solar panels are not producing electricity, we take advantage of Alberta’s Net Metering program, this means that the Utility company will pay you credits for the power that your Solar panels produce, at the same rate that you buy their Grid Power.

Hybrid Grid-Tied, battery storage Solar applications are available for customers who are connected to the Grid, and have value in protecting themselves from power outages.


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