Victron Orion 24/12-40

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The Victron Orion DC-to-DC converters are the solution for systems where a Voltage is needed that is different from the battery Voltage. The Orion 24/12-40 converters the Voltage of a 24V battery bank down to 13.2 Volt, to power 12V loads. With an input Voltage range of 18 through 35 Volt they are versatile. The maximum load it can power is 40 Amp.

The Orion converters have an input for a switch, that acts as a remote on-off. They are non-isolated (the input and output share the same negative).


  • Non-isolated
  • 13.2 Volt out, 40 Amp max.
  • Less than 20 mA no-load current
  • Wide input Voltage range, 18 – 35 Volt