Outhouse Kit

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Vent those fumes!

Power-vent your outhouse or composting toilet. Our Outhouse Kit contain a Zephyr vent fan, and small solar panel. As long as a little sunlight hits the solar panel the power vent will run, and your outhouse will come out smelling like a rose! No guarantees about that last part, but you get the idea…

The Outhouse Kit includes:

1x Zephyr Vent Fan 12VENT, 12 Volt battery bank vent fan, 2″ ports, 6 cfm, 3 Watt
1x Enerwatt EWS-20P-C, 20 Watt 36-cell PV module, 18.0V, 1.11A, junction box (no wires)
1x 15 feet 12 AWG wire RW90 BLACK
1x 15 feet 12 AWG wire RW90 RED
1x Solartech Universal “Z” bracket (set of 4) for mounting one solar panel