4 Panel Cottage Kit (1580 Watt PV) - 3000 Watt Inverter

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1,580 Watt in solar PV, 3kW pure sine-wave inverter.
Produces 4.2 kWh/day in summer, 2.1 kWh/day in winter.

The kit includes:

4x Rolls-Surrette S6 L16-HC, 6V deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, 445Ah/20h capacity, group L16, 3 years warranty
3x Battery interconnect 2/0 AWG, 10″
1x Blue Sea 5191, MRBF fuse holder for battery terminal mounting, 58V DC, 30 – 300 Amp
1x Blue Sea 5190, 300 Amp MRBF fuse, 58V DC
4x Hanwha Solar Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10+ 395 Watt, 66-cell (132 split-cell) mono PV module, black-on-black
1x Multi-Contact 32.0019 PV-AZS4, MC4 Y-connector, (2) male / (1) female, 1000V, 30A
1x Multi-Contact 32.0018 PV-AZB4, MC4 Y-connector, (1) male / (2) female, 1000V, 30A
1x set of MC4 Extension wires for PV module, 15′ PV-Wire
1x EPSolar – EPEver XTRA4415N-XDS2, 40 Amp MPPT charge controller, 12/24/48 Volt, 150 Volt DC input, with display
1x Samlex PST-3000-24, 24 VDC, 3000W pure sinewave inverter, 120 VAC 60HZ, cETL
1x Inverter cables 2/0 AWG, 7 ft (pair), flexible wire, red/black with 3/8″ lugs
1x HydroVolt battery hydrometer, Compaselect – the last hydrometer you will ever buy!
1x MidNite Solar MNBCM, battery capacity meter for 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt

All the parts needed to make a simple, yet robust off-grid power system. We supply high-quality parts that should last a long, long time. These may be small systems, but they are real off-grid systems meant for real use (in short, these are not toys). This cottage kit is not code-compliant. We can also provide a code-compliant off-grid system, designed to your needs, though those are far more expensive.